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Broken Bones Tribe Symbol

The Broken Bones are a Goblin tribe known for taking the bones of their enemies and incorporating them into everyday objects and armor for "formal" occasions or at least formal for goblins <-what da fak is formaal?
Also known for savagery in combat going for their namesake of breaking the bones of the enemy they are facing, going for a slow and painful death rather than da swift kill.
They also take the bones of fallen goblins and use them to make majik infused items to honor them even in death (though goblins never "die" hehe we bettah dan de pinkies dey die for realz) They are also known for their ability to see the future through reading the bones.


The Broken Bones Tribe was founded by a ruthless Khadine named Tulakesh whom was renowned for his brutality on the battlefield his trusted blades followed him into battle fearlessly and his witchdoctor brother Rekesh whom cast spells which took down any creature they came across making small armies flee in the terror of their goblyn might.
Broken Bones chief belt flag/symbol
Broken Bones belt flag

He and his brother made the Broken Bones tribe in the middle of their lives. Many goblins joining up and fighting beside Tulakesh and Rekesh becoming one with the tribe as they did. The thing with having brothers as the tribe leaders was that they always fought over who should be in charge. So as per goblin usual they took what they wanted. In this case it was the title of chief for themselves and both became co-leaders of the tribe. Both deciding to choose their own successors to lead the tribe, usually 2 goblins that were rivals and challenged each other in one aspect or another.

Modern History

Descendants of goblyns in the tribe have begun to start anew those two descendants are Bones and Ribs both of which are chieftains of the tribe both having equal power however they bicker over whom should hold more power. Bones is the main fighter and is the leader of fighting for the tribe while Ribs takes the route of finding lore and interpreting the ancient script of goblins past. The other members of the tribe have joined up with them to destroy whatever comes their way. Rizzax being the young molting goblin be watched by Bones, Ribs, and Reeka, making sure he becomes a great warrior in the future. Reeka, the daughter of the great goblyn witchdoctor Galya, joined the slowly growing tribe, making it ever stronger with her keen eye on a bow. She hunts the enemies of the tribe silently and efficiently. Ashera is a wise goblyn who will delve into the majiks along with Ribs for the tribe, speaking with many of the dead who have yet to come back from reincarnation.

Known Members:

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