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Real name: Ryan Sinclair
Realm: N/A
Unit: Ralingarde
Weapon of Choice: Spear
Started fighting: April 2006
Hey Ho: Let's Go!

Facts about Blitzkrieg

  • Blitzkrieg is so hardcore that he walks funny
  • Blitzkrieg is an hXc kid, but will deny it fervently.
  • Blitzkrieg directly translates from German into "lightning war", a tactic used by the German army during world WWII.
  • Blitzkrieg owns one Hawthorne Heights album.
  • Blitzkrieg owns one of those LED belt buckles that flash messages.
  • Blitzkrieg is fond of taking impromptu road trips by himself that later get him grounded.
  • Blitzkrieg is a certified clown.
  • Blitzkrieg was instrumental in terraforming Zaku into Ralingarde National Park.
  • Blitzkrieg has tits.
  • If asked to, Blitzkrieg will recite "The Rattlin' Bog" in its entirety.
  • Blitzkrieg has not paid a penny for any of his equipment or garb.
  • Blitzkrieg is Ryoma's younger and signifigantly less well-hung brother.
  • Blitzkrieg actually took his name from a Ramones song "Blitzkrieg Bop."
  • Blitzkrieg supports the local music scene.
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