Armageddon XV

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Armageddon XV aka Sweatageddon

June 8 - June 12, 2016

Camp Wokanda
620 Boy Scout Road
Chillicothe, Illinois 61523

$35 Pre-Registration, includes event t-shirt
$40 at Troll arriving Wednesday or Thursday
$35 at Troll arriving Friday
$25 at Troll arriving Saturday
$20 day trip (no feast, no camping)

Lodging Options
Tent camping: Free with entry fee
20-person cabin (4 available): $250 + $50 damage deposit
18-person lodge (1 available): $300 + $50 damage deposit
12-person cabin (4 available): $150 + $50 damage deposit
4-person Adirondack (5 available): $15

Estimated Attendance: 464

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinator - Telanar Hrafin of Children of Nidhogr / Beornve
Head of Classes & Workshops - Antoinette of Khador
Head Marshall - Ghyll of Horde / Nan Belegorn, Steeden of Sons of Sylas/ Überwald, and Maestro of Sons of Sylas / Grond
Head of Merchandise - Caleidah of Sons of Sylas / Grond
Head of Night Life - Sir Vak of House Hellhammer / Morva
Head of Security - Rhaszel Uramora of Children of Nidhogr / Esgaroth
Head of Site Relations - Nénharma of Sons of Sylas / Grond
Head of Tournaments - Slagar of Amyr / Numenor
Head of Troll - Centi of Sons of Sylas / Minas Ithil
Head of Weapons Check - Sir Skydd of Brotherhood of the Falcon / Dunharrow


Feast of the Golden Horde

Our Friday feast is brought to you by Horde with chefs Gorlock and Ghyll presiding, and will be starting promptly around 7ish.

Children of Nidhogr Formal Feast

The Saturday feast is brought to you by Black Betty and the Children of Nidhogr. This is a formal feast, so please wear your best feast garb! Seating for the feast will open at 6:30, with servers coming around starting at 6:45. Turas ( will be providing music while you dine.

Garb competition winners:

  • Group garb - Faline
  • Fancy garb -
  • Monster fighting garb - Maple
  • Monster fancy garb - Reeka

Attendance by unit


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