Armageddon IX

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Armageddon IX

Host: Sir Bo and 3 squires: Melannen, Chicken and Brooder
Cost: $30 pre-reg, $40 at Troll
Dates: June 23rd - 27th 2010

Stonehouse Park, Inc.
3719 Suydam Road
Earlville, IL 60518

Schedule of Events:

Wednesday 23rd

  • Face rocking begins at 12:00 noon central time

Thursday 24th

  • Fighting
  • Sin Night/Virtue Night

Friday 25th

  • Fighting
  • Tasty Brisket Feast at Dark

Saturday 26th

  • Fighting
  • Tasty Gyro Feast at Dark

Sunday 27th

  • Campers must be out by 12:00 noon central time


Horde - Anthrax, Arrakis, Darvax, Galya, Gorlock, Guts, Inanna, Izareth, Lob'o, Rowan, Spike

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